These are sites I use or find interesting. Have fun!


// Strategy and Marketing – Information about better ways to develop strategy and to think about marketing. Also access to consulting services in strategy, market research, product management and brand strategy.

Nancy Wolfberg – Nancy is a wonderful advisor, coach and friend who helped me get my consulting business off the ground. She has a great deal of experience in the training business as well as a specialization in global / multi-cultural issues in the workplace.


diyAudio – a place for people who love to build or modify hi-fi equipment. Discussions range from beginner to very sophisticated indeed.

Audio Asylum – a refuge and place of solace for those of us who can’t get enough of the interaction between music, mechanics and electronics. Lots of discussion groups and useful information.

Bottlehead – not quite sure what draws me to these guys, but their reputation is unparalleled for providing great kits – great sound and fair price. I’m planning to build one this year.

Pi Speakers – a very interactive site for speaker builders, led by the irrepressible and always helpful Wayne Parham. He has developed a line of easy-to-build speakers that offer high efficiency and good sound quality. I’m planning to build his Pi Seven corner horns this year if I can summon the nerve.


Digital Photography Review – the best way to keep up to date on cameras, lenses, software and everything to do with digital photography. You can buy through them as well.

IrfanView – a free image viewing and processing application. It offers a quick and easy way to view large numbers of images, and it is also a great way to shrink images for upload into a photo album on this site!

Music and musicians

All my life music has been a passion. Here are a few musicians who have meant a lot to me one way or another. I have focussed on people who sing popular music – of course I have great respect also for classical musicians the world over, and I’ll gradually add in some I’m particularly fond of as I find the time.

Mose Allison – born into a wealthy family in the deep south, Mose was not keen to be a farmer or shopkeeper. He grew up hearing a lot of Blues, and has become a unique musician playing jazz and blues, and writing songs that bring a quick wit and acid tongue to the issues of the day.

Igor’s Jazz Cowboys – several years ago, Marina and I went to the Redding Jazz Festival in Northern California. Igor’s band was featured, and fascinating. Cowboy music performed with a laconic air, led by the stunning bass-baritone voice of Igor himself. Catch them if you can.

Tom Paxton – I had never heard of Tom until we went to a “farewell tour” concert in Basingstoke last year. I had heard some of his songs, but the more I listen the more I admire his craftsmanship, and again the wit. He’s still performing, although to be honest I prefer his voice and his songs from earlier years.