My cameras

I use a couple of Nikon digital SLR cameras: the D50 and the D200. I started with the D50 as an entry point into DSLR photography having used less sophisticated cameras from Sony and Canon. I first learned about SLRs when studying architecture in New Zealand, and I think the digital SLR is now at a point where any enthusiast would do well to acquire one.

I bought Nikon because I was used to them, having owned a range of Nikon film cameras culminating in the 8008s, and because I reasoned I could re-use my lenses and flash.

This turned out to be false, as the smaller sensor of the DSLR changes the effective focal length of the lens by 50%, and in any case the D50 seemed unable to drive the autofocus of my old Tokina zoom lens. And then it turned out that the flash capability of the DSLRs (called iTTL) is different and my old flash wouldn’t work properly.

So I ended up with new lenses and a new flash…


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