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  • San Francisco

    Christmas in SF, 2024, in and around Golden Gate Park. Photos by Jeremy and me.

  • Omaha Zoo

    A visit to the zoo in March 2024.

  • Fort Mason

    Fort Mason

    Every year, DIY audio enthusiasts gather to share their projects, learn about new things, and to develop what has become a worldwide community. It’s usually at Fort Mason in San Francisco – old buildings now repurposed into shops, restaurants, and small business offices.

  • Lac Leman and Chateau de Chillon

    Lac Leman and Chateau de Chillon

    The nice thing about being in Geneva for almost a week was that we had time for a couple of side trips. We took the train to Lausanne, and from there a boat to the east end of the lake, where we stopped for a tour of Chateau de Chillon, a beautiful castle set right…

  • Porto Party

    Porto Party

    We loved Porto. After three short days in Lisbon, walking a lot, the smaller scale of Porto was a relief. Both places were very interesting, but Porto was characterized by incredibly friendly people, affordable prices, and a vibrancy that was very compelling. At the same time, Porto was run down in places, with a lot…

  • To the Top of Mont Blanc

    To the Top of Mont Blanc

    I would visit Europe more than once a year, if time allowed. There’s so much to see – nature, history, cities, countryside, food, shopping, architecture, music, art. This year we went to Geneva for a week, and took a day to visit Chamonix and Mont Blanc – the highest mountain in Europe. Chamonix is a…

  • Upscale co-working space in San Francisco

    Upscale co-working space in San Francisco

    I had the chance to see the Canopy co-working space in the Financial District today – very smart and not a typical office interior. An extensive barista-served coffee bar is right by the entry, along with large open workspaces, and a mix of smaller private offices of varying sizes. Phone rooms, meeting rooms, a pink…

  • A Trip to Rhode Island

    A Trip to Rhode Island

    I haven’t spent much time on the East Coast, and was therefore very grateful for the opportunity to visit Spectrum Lighting, just north of Rhode Island. In addition to learning about a modern lighting company, and how products are designed and built, I had the chance to walk and moped around the town, which is…

  • Instagram


    I’ve started using Instagram to post some of my more interesting photos. I have over 26,000 pictures, but sadly most are not shareworthy, so it’s still only a few. More to come, however.

  • More hi-fi – a remote controlled preamp

    More hi-fi – a remote controlled preamp

    Building and learning about electronics remains one of my favorite pastimes. When I can connect it to music, so much the better. I’m building a new preamp – this one with a microcontroller and a pile of digital hardware to provide remote control and switching. The best place for this kind of project is…