A Trip to Rhode Island

I haven’t spent much time on the East Coast, and was therefore very grateful for the opportunity to visit Spectrum Lighting, just north of Rhode Island. In addition to learning about a modern lighting company, and how products are designed and built, I had the chance to walk and moped around the town, which is a mix of sailing and water-based activities, with beautiful early colonial houses, and gorgeous countryside. The combination of rolling hills, historical architecture, and the ever-present water made for some beautiful views.

We took a boat from close to the Spectrum factory, down to our hotel in Rhode Island. Lots to see on the way, including some classic 12 meter (America’s Cup) boats racing.

The picture above shows our hotel, right on the water.

Below are some of the photos I took as we traveled around Rhode Island on mopeds (after a slightly nerve-racking driving test). Beaches, a winery, grand houses and pretty country roads were all part of the experience. I was not tempted to join the cliff jumpers, preferring to hide behind my camera.


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