How do we know it’s working?

Home schooling is a bit tricky. We have adopted a curriculum from Oak Meadow School in the US – it’s a popular school – to the point they seem too busy to talk to us! But it’s not straightforward. Here are some of our first questions:

  • How many hours to spend?
  • How much discipline is right (for us and the boys)?
  • How much to invest in preparation each day?
  • How important to stay on track with the curriculum?
  • How to know if it’s working?

I guess we’ll find out as we go along. We’re in a couple of weeks now, and it’s fun and daunting at the same time. I expect that most parents new to home schooling have a lot of questions. One resource that is helpful is the Yahoo discussion group associated with the Oak Meadow School – it’s populated by parents who are enrolled, or interested in enrolling at the school. The group is called [OM_HS]. You have to enrol and it’s all done by e-mail – much less fashionable than blogs and RSS!
More observations as they come to us!


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