Flash: Our little boat


Flash is our little sailing dinghy. She was built from raw materials over the summer of 2003. A wonderful project – and a great way to forget the stresses of the working day! The design and the bits came from an outfit called Flounder Bay in Anacortes, Washington. They are no longer there, as far as I can see – apparently the owners have retired. The prototype was called Clancy, named after the designer’s dog, I believe. There’s a book about the design – in fact it contains the building instructions. It’s called A Boat Named Clancy.

Flash was built from marine plywood, using stitch and glue techniques. This results in a light boat if you use thin ply, but Flash is almost too heavy for one person to lift onto the car. I really need a trailer – and that would be fun, so Caelean and I could go sailing more often.

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