Enjoying Seattle


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We’re just enjoying a few days in Seattle – visiting the Public Market, the first Starbucks store, and today trips to Bainbridge Island for lunch, and the Boeing factory north of Seattle. Typical Seattle weather, I gather – lots of cloud, some rain, but today a bit of sun. The trip to Bainbridge Island was especially beautiful – I’ll post some pictures in a while.

At the Boeing factory we saw the production lines for the 747, the 777, and the new 787 Dreamliner, which will fly later this year. Despite being 50% lighter than a 777, the 787 is only 20% more fuel-efficient, which was a surprise to me. Still a big step forward, based mainly on much greater use of composites (carbon fiber etc.).Our plan for tomorrow is to see the Seattle Center – the Experience Music Project and the Pacific Science Center, and of course the Space Needle.


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