More tech: building a computer

Along the same theme as the previous post, Caelean and I are building a computer. Actually it’s one I built a while a go and have now taken apart.

Caelean reads about it first, and makes some notes and draws the critical things, then we sit down with the bits and look at them to understand their roles and how they fit together.

Actually building a PC is really easy, as all the interfaces are standardized, and you mostly have to simply plug things in. But there are some ways to get it wrong (blow up chips with static, bend pins on plugs etc.), so we have to be careful.

In any case Caelean likes building – but this is rather different from Lego, where you can work visually and by feel. For this project one has to understand the parts and what they do to some extent. There is some configuration (jumpers, location in the case etc.), and without care it won’t behave as expected.

We won’t be booting up for a while, but so far it’s been interesting and a good experience for both of us, I think.

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