Starting to teach: fixing a bike

I really enjoy teaching – it’s interesting to see people learn, and fun to work out how to create the conditions in which it can happen.

Jeremy and I are dismantling a bike. Today we took apart a wheel bearing and cleaned and re-packed it. So we discussed grease and oil, how adjustable spanners work, and why we need closed and open spanners, and the difference between metric and imperial sizes. We got our fingers dirty and clean again, and the next step is for Jeremy to illustrate the bearing, so we can remember where the ball bearings go, and how it all fits together.

So the one topic gives us some engineering, some observation, some writing and some drawing. And it’s supposed to be good for dads to spend time with their kids, so who’s complaining?


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  1. We are making progress with the bike – we’ve overhauled the front wheel bearing, and today we did the back wheel including the pedal brake. Lots of dirt inside!

    We also have done the main pedal bearing, and Jeremy has now seen more ball bearings than he probably wishes, but the improvement in the freewheeling performance of the bearings is obvious.

    Next step is to take off the back tire and fix a puncture – then the bike will be ridable again (but not finished!).

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