Our boat is sold


Yamkat has been sold. She is now in the hands of her new owners, and we wish them well. We learned a lot from her – dealing with maintenance, learning to sail her, dealing with emergencies at sea. Somehow she represented more about challenge than pure enjoyment for most of the time. Part of the reason was that we really only have one sailor in the family, and Yamkat was a handful for one person. Also I think it’s important that the whole family be excited about sailing – it’s a complex and demanding pastime with a big boat, and everyone needs to be on the same page.

But despite these caveats, we had some wonderful experiences – especially sailing to the Isle of Wight and back again over a weekend, staying the night at Ryde Harbour.

Now we’re back in California, we will give big boats a rest for a while…I have a lot of other projects to keep me busy.

But the bug is hard to shake off – we’ll see what the future brings!


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